The Fool  
Rubeus Hagrid
I. The Magician  
  II. The High Priestess  
III. The Empress  
Molly Weasley
IV. The Emperor  
  V. The Hierophant  
Albus Dumbledore
VI. The Lover  
VII. The Chariot  
  VIII. Justice  
Minerva McGonagall
IX. The Hermit  
  X. Wheel of Fortune  
The sorting hat
  XI. Strength  
Ginny Weasley
XII. The Hanged Man
XIII. (Nameless arcana)  
XIV. Temperance  
  XV. The Devil  
Tom Riddle
  XVI. The Tower  
  XVII. The Star  
Viktor Krum
  XVIII. The Moon  
Fleur Delacour
  XIX. The Sun  
Fred & George Weasley
XX. Judgement  
  XXI. The World  
Lily Potter

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